DIVE ANILAO - Puerto Galera - verde island

"Dive into the " Center of the Center of the World's Marine Biodiversity"

Dive the Verde island passage, called the “Center of the center of marine bio-diversity.” by Drs. Kent Carpenter (Old Dominion University, Va.) and Victor Springer ( National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian institution). Scientists have established the fact that the entire Indo-Malay-Philippine Archipelago has extreme marine biodiversity, but in a study concluded in 2004, both eminent biologists concluded that the passage, which spans the famous dive destinations of Anilao, Puerto Galera and Verde Island as having a higher concentration of species per unit area in the Philippines than anywhere in the world. From its central location on beautiful White Beach in Puerto Galera, these dive destinations are now easily accessible with the use of the state of the art dive cruiser. Our 8 to 10 Day dive packages includes full board meals, 3 boat dives and unlimited beach dives per day. Let our seasoned dive pros show you why Puerto Galera, Anilao and Verde Island have been called the “Marine counterpart to the Amazon River Basin in terms of bio-diversity.”

Spend your precious holiday diving instead of travelling in between dive destinations with our new Banca Safari Adventure.

With the acquisition of a new spacious and comfortable diving banca, we are pleased to offer a dive safari to the famous muck diving destination of the Verde Island Passage-Anilao.

Our boats are custom built for divers comfort and photographer's requirements in mind.

Our 10 day itinerary covers the best dive sites of the Verde Island Passage, which has been dubbed the center of the center of marine biodiversity by USA base marine scientists after a 10 year study .

From the famous dive sites of Puerto Galera, to the vertiginous 5-star rated walls of Verde Island, we will take you across the passage to meet the macro critters of Anilao.

Sample Itinerary


Anilao Diving

Sample Dive Sites: arrowBeatrice RockarrowKirby’s rock     arrowBazura     arrowMainit ptarrowTwin Rocks     arrowMainit Muck

Puerto Galera Diving

Sample Dive Sites: arrowDungon Wallarrow Canyons     arrowSinandigan wallarrowManila Channelarrow Dry Dock     arrowHole in the Wall
arrowGiant Clamsarrow Alma Jane Wreck     arrowSabang WrecksarrowKilima drift

Itineraries subject to change due to weather and sea conditions.

Emperor Angelfish
Puerto Galera
Long fin Batfish
Puerto Galera
False Clown fish
Puerto Galera
Juvenile Long horn Cow fish
Puerto Galera
Red & Black Anemone fish
Verde Island
Soft Corals & Crinoids
Verde Island
Painted Frog fish
Verde Island
Long nose Hawk Fish
Puerto Galera
Orangutan crab
Soft coral & Sea whip
School of Jacks
Soft Corals

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