Discover Scuba Diving


discover scuba diving

OK, so you're not so sure you want to come face to face with the fishes of the sea the first time you breathe underwater, but you definitely want to try scuba.

Discover Scuba is the perfect expedition for you. You strap on a tank, mask and other cool scuba stuff and expedition the thrill of swimming and breathing underwater.

Plus, this all takes place in the convenience of a pool where the only thing you may come face to face with is a rubber ducky, but don't worry we can always introduce you to the fish another day with Discover Scuba Diving, the choice is yours.

Remember, all the skills you learn throughout your expedition can be applied and credited to your future expedition or certification.

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Watch Out the Life Below the Surface

With more than 40 prime dive sites and hundreds of species of fish life, beginner and advanced divers will definitely enjoy a world class diving experience.