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Marco Vincent understands the needs of the underwater photographer. Our climate controlled camera room has ample room for our guests to set up there camera housings. We provide air hoses to blast off excess water. There are plenty of sockets for battery charging. We have a full selection of tools available for minor adjustments. We have fresh towels available as well. The camera room is secured at night and has CCTV coverage 24 hours a day.

Capturing the magnificent underwater creatures with various shapes and sizes will surely complete your day! Through our multimedia center and viewing rooms, you will enjoy viewing and showing your recent discoveries to your group buddies.

File downloads and colored printings are some of the services you will enjoy in this center. With free internet services, you can also send recent photos to your family and friends back home so you could share to them the wonderful dive holiday you had in Puerto Galera!

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With more than 40 prime dive sites and hundreds of species of fish life, beginner and advanced divers will definitely enjoy a world class diving experience.