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How many dive sites are there in Puerto Galera?

Approximately 40 Dive Sites

When is the best time to Dive in Puerto Galera?

Puerto Galera is a year round diving destination, since we are a tropicl country , even our coldest water will still be warmer compared to the cold waters in Europe , USA or in some Asian countries.

What is the common visibility, Temperature and usual Depth in Puerto Galera?

Visibility varies from 10m/33ft to 30m/99ft, sometimes even better depending on current strength, wind direction and water temperature. Depth is between 5m to 40m with water temperature ranging from 26-29 centigrade.

Where is Puerto Galera located?

It is found in Oriental Mindoro and it is approximately 100 miles south of Manila The usual route to get to the harbor of Puerto Galera is by two (2) hours travel by land and one (1) hour travel by sea from Batangas port.